Hell : Word Chart

The word “heaven” appears in the Bible hundreds of times.
If “Hell” is the fate of those who do not accept Jesus as their Lord,
how often do you think God should put it in the Bible Scriptures
warning all the citizens of the world
the consequences of failing to accept Jesus as their Savior?

As least as many times as the word “heaven”?
At least once in each book in the Bible?
Thousands of times?
The FACTS may shock you.


Number of times “Hell” appears  in the text
in English Bible Translations
Bible Translations Old Testament New Testament Total
“Authorized” King James Version 31 23 54
New King James Version 19 13 32
American Standard Version 0 13 13
New American Standard Bible 0 13 13
Revised Standard Version 0 12 12
New Revised Standard Version 0 12 12
Revised English Bible 0 13 13
New Living Translation 0 13 13
Amplified 0 13 13
New International Version (best-selling English Bible) 0 14 14
Darby 0 12 12
New Century Version 0 12 12
Wesley’s New Testament (1755) 0 0
Scarlett’s N.T. (1798) 0 0
The New Testament in Greek and English (Kneeland, 1823) 0 0
Young’s Literal Translation (1891) 0 0 0
Twentieth Century New Testament (1900) 0 0
Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible (reprinted, 1902) 0 0 0
Fenton’s Holy Bible in Modern English (1903) 0 0 0
Weymouth’s New Testament in Modern Speech (1903) 0 0
Jewish Publication Society Bible Old Testament (1917) 0 0
Panin’s Numeric English New Testament (1914) 0 0
The People’s New Covenant (Overbury, 1925) 0 0
Hanson’s New Covenant (1884) 0 0
Western N.T. (1926) 0 0
NT of our Lord and Savior Anointed (Tomanek, 1958) 0 0
Concordant Literal NT (1983) 0 0
The N.T., A Translation (Clementson, 1938) 0 0
Emphatic Diaglott, Greek/English Interlinear (Wilson, 1942) 0 0
New American Bible (1970) 0 0 0
Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible (1976) 0 0 0
Tanakh, The Holy Scriptures, Old Testament (1985) 0 0
The New Testament, A New Translation (Greber, 1980) 0 0
Christian Bible (1991) 0 0 0
World English Bible (in progress) 0 0 0
Original Bible Project (Dr. James Tabor, still in translation) 0 0 0
Zondervan Parallel N.T. in Greek and English (1975)** 0 0
Int. NASB-NIV Parallel N.T. in Greek and English (1993)** 0 0

(* The KJV and the NKJV are the only two of the major translations in the list above to use “Hell” in the Old Testament.
Even the NKJV which was only supposed to modernize the English of the traditional “Authorized Version,” of the KJV,
took a dozen Hell references out.
(2 Sam 26:6, / Job 11:8, / Job 26:6,/  Ps 16:10,/  Ps 18:5, / Ps 26:13, / Ps 116:3./  Is 5:14, / Is 28:15,/  Is 57:9, / Jonah 2:2).
It seems even in the King James Tradition, the use of the word “Hell” is decreasing.
The NKJV, RSV, ASV, NRSV, and NASB are all technically revisions of the original King James Bible.
From 54 times to 32
and then to 12 or 13 times–
who knows–maybe the next revision will bring it in line with the many Bibles
which have eliminated the pagan word Hell all together.)

** A note about the Parallel Interlinears. I am referring to the word-for-word translations beneath the Greek in these works,
NOT the English versions which are also in these reference works.
Obviously the versions in these books (NIV, NASB, and KJV)
contain the word Hell as many times as they normally would.

There are other translations like the Companion Bible King James Version,
American Standard Version (1901),
the Newberry Reference Bible (Still published by Kregal Publications),
and the Riverside New Testament by Ballantine (1934)
which contain footnotes, marginal readings and appendages which point out that several key Greek and Hebrew words regarding Hell have been  mistranslated  by such Bible versions as the King James Bible.
Please note that the above list of Bibles which do NOT contain the word Hell in the text is NOT exhaustive–
we are discovering more translations all the time
in which the translators did not feel justified in using the Teutonic pagan word Hell
to translate the Hebrew word Sheol and the Greek words Gehenna, Hades, and Tartarus.


3 comments on “Hell : Word Chart

  1. Marianne says:

    this is a good study. god bless you


  2. Imah J. Wilson says:

    The Lord set me free from hell in the 90’s


  3. Imah J. Wilson says:

    I totally agree


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