The Unselfishness of God

The Unselfishness of God
How I Discovered It
A Spiritual Autobiography
Hannah Whitall Smith

Hannah Whitall Smith is a well-loved author with several books in print.
Unfortunately, her spiritual autobiography
The Unselfishness of God & How I Discovered It
usually appears in a mangled form because evangelical publishers
don’t like the chapters in the middle of her faith journey that center on universal restitution or salvation.
Rather oddly, the offending chapters  “disappeared”
resulting in the flow of the book not making much sense.

It is a very interesting read that takes us through Hannah’s spiritual development
from her devout Quaker beginnings in the Pennsylvania of the 1830s, via the Brethren,
her discovery of Christian Universalism,
the Higher Life movement in England
and Methodist Holiness ideals.
She reflects on her fellowship with other believers, her doubts as her understanding is challenged,
and on the wisdom of her old age at the beginning of the 20th Century in England.
A fascinating document, now restored.


Chapter  1

If I were called upon to state in one sentence the sum
and substance of my religious experience,
it is this sentence I would choose.
“This generation has rediscovered the unselfishness of God.”
And no words could express my thankfulness
for having been born into a generation
where this discovery has been comparatively easy.


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