Marriage Part 3


Part 3

We described previously in Part 2 of this series two types of marriage .

1. Contract
2. Covenant

I want to take a closer look at the distinctions between the two .

  • A covenant is everlasting ( meaning indefinite in time period )with no appointed end-time,
    with the mutual understanding  ” for as long as”  and  “until”   signifies there may be an end
    which is dependent upon both parties keeping , guarding , preserving their vows .
    The covenant then stands for  “as long as the relationship is maintained intact  …..
  • A solemn agreement or promise, sometimes confirmed by sacrifice or by sharing  ,
    e.g. – the exchange of rings , by which two or more parties commit themselves ,
    to the rights and responsibilities afforded by their relationship ,
    and their agreed upon , course of action,
    and to accept the serious consequences of breaking faith.

It is important to understand that covenants and contracts come with conditions .

This is an important fact that serves to define a covenant , and or , a contract.

Contracts, by their very definition, come with conditions
both to “create obligation”  and to “govern the outcome”  of the contract ,
and is  ” put in writing to bind the parties together ” .

The focus is based on the legal demands placed upon either and or both parties .

Covenants are based upon , and focus upon the  relationship
Covenants are made because the involved parties desire the relationship.

The pledge or vow is made in good faith and  upheld   in faithfulness .
That should not be mis-understood to mean a covenant doesn’t have conditions ,
but rather the focus in covenant is on the desire of the parties to remain in covenant .

I want to stay within the context of this series and focus on the marriage .
I will have another series following … that will deal with Covenants in general and in specific .

So , with that being said , let’s take a look in respect to marriage of adam ( male and female ) .
This we will do , in order for us , to lay a foundation ,
which will provide for us unshakeable ground ,
upon which , we can stand before YAHoVAH with confidence
and without condemnation .

Marriage is , in a very simple definition ,

  1. the state of two being joined into one ,
  2. the state of two being joined as one .

Let’s look a little closer …

  •   state
    1. the condition of a person, thing, etc, with regard to main attributes
    2. the structure, form, or constitution of something
    3. course or way of existence
    4. position in life
    5. domain or function of power
  •   two
    1. one and one
  • being
    1. becoming
    2. progressive present tense

      • expresses intention, expectation, supposition, or obligation
  • joined
    1. to come or bring together; connect
    2. to become a member
    3. to become a part of
    4. take a place in or with
    5. to unite

      • connect
      • link
      • couple
      • tie
  •   into  one
    1. transformation or change
  •   as   one
    1. in the role of  being
      • under the name of
      • in the character of 

We see now upon closer examination , there is much more to ” marriage ” than meets the eye .

My judgement of marriage , based upon the evidence presented so far , is as follows :

  • Marriage is an “everlasting” covenant
    • Everlasting in the bible sense of the Hebrew word Olam
      1. “long-lasting” is a fitting English translation for olam.
        • lasting as long as it lasts … “ever-lasting” = ”  long-lasting “.
          This is an indefinite period based on conditions of fulfillment .
  •  Marriage is in two dimensions  –  one in Heaven and one in Earth .

Marriage pattern on earth is the shadow of the Marriage reality in heaven .
The pattern always falls short of the reality .
For those who may have a problem accepting the pattern falling short of the reality ,
I suggest you take a picture of your automobile , and drive it to the market ….
Of course that’s absurd isn’t it  ?

Part 4 will discuss the reality of the marriage made in heaven , and a closer look at the definitions of marriage .

Shalom Chaverim





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